How to easily modify Host File for Free Rooted Android Devices

Android is the ultimate customization Platform system, but it is increased the potential of customization for a Rooted Android Device easily and productively than Non -Rooted Android Devices. As simply, you can easily change the system or hosts files in rooted Android Devices.However, Hosts manager Software help to modify their /etc/hosts (/system/etc/hosts) file easily as your wish.

This app affords them the ability for you to tests apps that you want to check out first on a server and observe it works. This app is not just simple to use but is fast and convenient as well. Well, Host File is really a rooted app which means you are able to only install this app on a rooted device.

So you should require rooting your Smart Android Device first. To do it, you can use any of Android Rooting Tools such as KingoRoot, KingRoot, Dr.Fone, FramRoot, TowelRoot, iRoot, Odin, TunesGo, GenousRoot...etc Which they are the best root software for your Android. We are not explained Rooting Methods here.But if need to Root your Android device when you can know all details using the given links above.To success the Rooting Goal, you need to select most compatible Android Rooting tool for Android Device.Otherwise.Otherwise, if you follow all given guidelines when you can make a Rooted Android Device easily.

Actually, Rooted Android device gain you so many benefits easily.You can achieve most huge task after rooting your Android device.Okay, Aim of this documentation is explaining the Host File Editors and How To use it easily.

Hosts File Features

  • Best Hosts Editor App
  • Blaze fast
  • Has a Holo theme
  • Free and Open Source with No Ads.

How to Edit your System Files with Hosts File

  • Root your Android with KingoRoot Software(tutorial above)
  • Download theĀ Hosts File.
  • Launch the app and grant root permission
  • Select Hosts Editor option to Edit your system files
  • Enjoy other Features of Host File.

Hope this article has helped to improve your Host File Editors knowledge easily.Thanks.

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