Find Quickly Contacts And Apps With LaunchBoard app 

Find Quickly Contact And Apps With LaunchBoard app

Actually,LaunchBoard apps make better android experience easily which they are  an very special Apps and free to use app for your Android device. All Android Smart Device (Phones & Tablet) bring Google built-in-keyboard in  device. The LaunchBoard apps help you to quickly launch the required apps on your Android device. Usage of LaunchBoard App is an efficient and productive way to quickly finding and launching the apps. LaunchBoard app can use as  free of charge manner which you can  download from Google Play Store.

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More Android users love to download different apps in his Android phone to make different activities easily. After downloading the immense number of apps which  they are looking the apps icon for run the app. Many Android Device(Phone & Tablet) users require to know a quick way to launch the app without consuming additional time. The LaunchBoard app ca make  your requirement correctly. If you are hooping a quick way to find and launch the  Android apps run your Android device when you can use this app for your Android device.

Why need Quickly Launch apps ?

You can find and Launch for the contacts included on your Android device using LaunchBoard App easily. However,we have mentioned above that you can download this App from Google Play store as free of charge manner.

You know that after download and installation have finished,you can show the App icon on your  Home Screen of the Android Device.You can use the this App to find details about your contact needs easily.

How to download and use LaunchBoard apps

Quickly Launch apps and contacts with LaunchBoard

First,you need to open Google Play Store and locate Download App.

Now,you can Download LaunchBoard app to your Android device which  this app occupies  4.05 MB space on your device.Then you can install it for your Android device.

After finished the installation process,you need to open this app by  home screen of the android device,it help to quickly locate and launch any app or contact easily.

If you would like to open all those apps which name begins from “C” like Contact, Camera, Calendar, Calculator, Clock etc. Just press C in LaunchBoard app window which active all the related apps at home screen of your app. Then tap the required icon to launch the required app.

However,You can also change settings of LaunchBoard app by settings icon which is located at left bottom corner in this app window. If you requre to show apps and contact both then tap on the “Items to show” option in LaunchBoard Settings window. Now Choose “Apps & Contacts” option at the place of “Apps only”. You can also show hidden apps and if any app have bigger name then show the app name in two lines at the place of single line.

Uasge of  LaunchBoard app on your device gives you great experience. If you have any query or suggestion regarding this article when can keep them on comment box.


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