Best Method To Root Lenovo A680 Android Smartphone

Lenovo A680 is a quality Android Smartphone which brings with 5.0 inches touchscreen display powered by 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor along with 1 GB RAM and the device runs on Android Android V 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS.If you are an owner of Lenovo A680 Smart Phone when you can root it using guide lines below easily and safely to make huge android experience.


  • Android tablet or Smart phone must be operating on android 1.5 or 4.2 versions
  • Supporting Operating System , must be Windows
  • About 50% Battery Life
  • Turn Off All Antivirus programe before begin SRS Root Works.
  • Take all backup on your Android Device using an appropriate app like Titanium Backup or Appropriate other Backup App

HOW TO Root  Lenovo A680 With SRS ROOT TOOL

1)  Download SRS Root and extract the zip package to your computer. After you have  done it,you can click “SRSRoot-Setup.exe” to launch its installation wizard.

2) Then,you should choose the “Destination Location” for installing the rooting tool and click “Next“.

3) Now,you should choose “Start Menu Folder” name & you should  click on “Install” to install the program on your computer.

4) After you have installed SRS Root Tool,then you can click on “SRSRoot for Android” to launch its Window.

5) Then,you should connect your Android Device(Phone or Tablet) to your computer via the  USB  cable. Finally, you should click on “Root Device (All Methods)” to launch the rooting process. If it doesn’t work when you can click on “Root Device (SmartRoot)” to root your device.

6) Rooting process  takes  several minutes   to root your device with  SRSRoot tool, and After you can gain a rooted android device, you can see it as “Success” message.If you need to know well rooting status of your android device when you can use Root Checker for that easily.

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Thanks.Make huge Android experience with Android Rooting!!!

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