Best Method To Root Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE Android Smartphone

Best Method To Root Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE Android Smartphone

Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE is a price worthy android smartphone which brings with 4.65 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display powered by 1.2 GHz Dual-core processor along with 1 GB RAM and the device runs on Android V 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS.

Running OS of the Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE is most older so you can’t connect to the modern technology easily but you can root your Android Device and install latest Android OS or similar third part Custom ROM.

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Another important fact is you can get some of the required System Apps on your Android Device which it helps to expand the Battery life easily.Another fact is every process will increase the Device’s performance and Speed easily.

TWRP and CWM  are also compatible to root Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE.However, this article will explain Rooting with FramaRoot as Best Method To Root Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE.If you would like to root your Android Device with mentioned other rooting tool when you can do it using given links there.


1) Take a complete backup of your Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE. So, take it by using an appropriate app like Titanium Backup or Appropriate other Backup App

2) Make sure that your Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE smartphone has at least 50-60% of battery charged.

4) Enable the USB Debugging Mode in your smartphone by following this path as below,

Settings ->Developer Options -> USB Debugging. If you can’t see the developer options in Settings, enable it by using this path as below,

Settings -> About Phone (tap on the Build Number for 5-7 times to enable it).

Enable USB Debugging Nexus 9


4) Download Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE USB driver and install it on your computer. By doing this, you will be able to connect your smartphone to the computer by using the USB Cable.However, KingoRoot can download and install required Drivers automatically so this step is optional.

After you have finished all these steps as above, you can move to the rooting tutorial given below.


1) Download Kingoroot for windows (PC Version) & install it on your PC. After installation has finished, launch the KingoRoot window Version.

Kingo Root Home Screen

2) Connect your Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE smartphone to the computer through the USB data cable. Otherwise, If you haven’t already installed the USB driver for your device properly when KingoRoot will automatically download the required USB drivers and install it safely and correctly.

3) After the installation of USB drivers, you will get the following message as Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE Normal Mode. Root Status: No. At this stage, you should click on the “Root” button to start the rooting process.

4) Kingo Root will take several minutes to finish the rooting process. After  it has finished, you will get the message  as“Root Succeeded.”

Kingo Root Succeeded

Now you have finished all steps and gained a rooted android device. It means that you are successfully finished rooting Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE smartphone. To confirm, install Root Checker on your device and confirm your device’s root privileges easily.

If root for Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE  will be failed, then please try it multiple times because there are several scripts integrated into the root Apk & only runs one at a time. So please try it a few times to run different scripts.



Most Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE users complain that their new Note8 can’t keep through a day without charge before bedtime.The battery of the Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE has always occurred this problem.But this problem,Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE’s user can solve easily using some battery saving software.However, you need to be rooted Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE before use this Battery saving App to expanded battery life has Alcatel One Touch Snap LTE.

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Most software pre-installed(Bloatware) come in your device are basically which are useless and user drives to uninstall them.But user can’t remove them directly without enter the Administrative system. Rooting is an effective and efficient way to remove bloatware. Once you have rooted your phone, you have a better chance at removing bloatware while enhancing speed and battery life of your device.Read More-Why Remove Bloatware and Advantages it


Ads are not always evil. Each time when you browse the websites or open an app on your phone, the ads may pop up. Ads are long termly blessing us to find big opportunities. However, if you have little time to make sudden works when you can block the ads temporary to accelerate your working. To remove or block ads need a rooted phone.Read More- Why Root Your Android Device

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